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        Dima Abou Moussa | QPULSE CEO Jan 24, 2022

Cultivating Sustainability Excellence: Q Pulse Consulting's Partnership with Baal

In the pursuit of sustainable business practices, Q Pulse Consulting proudly collaborated with Baal Artisans, a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury hospitality items in Lebanon and the UAE. This partnership resulted in a remarkable achievement for Baal Artisans—an impressive bronze rating in their inaugural Ecovadis sustainability assessment.

The Collaborative Journey:

Our engagement with Baal Artisans was comprehensive, encompassing various aspects of sustainability, from employee engagement to supply chain coordination. Here’s an overview of our collaborative efforts:

1. Intensive Training:

Conducted specialized training sessions to raise awareness about sustainable practices among Baal Artisans’ team members, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and responsibility.

2. Data Compilation and Analysis:

Worked diligently to gather and analyze extensive data related to Baal Artisans’ operations, evaluating their environmental impact, social responsibility, and ethical business practices.

3. Issuing Procedures:

Developed and implemented tailored procedures to guide Baal Artisans in integrating sustainability into their daily operations. These procedures served as a roadmap for sustainable decision-making across the organization. All employees were trained on the new SOP’s and our consultants ensured their proper implementation.

4. Risk Assessments:

Conducted thorough risk assessments, identifying potential environmental, health & safety and social risks within Baal Artisans’ operations. This proactive approach aimed to mitigate risks and enhance the company’s resilience to sustainability challenges.

5. Coordination with Suppliers:

Collaborated closely with Baal Artisans’ suppliers to align their practices with sustainability goals. This involved facilitating dialogues, encouraging eco-friendly sourcing, and fostering a shared commitment to sustainable values.

6. Employee Engagement:

Recognizing that employees play a pivotal role in sustainable initiatives, we implemented engagement strategies to inspire and involve the Baal Artisans team. This included training programs, awareness campaigns, and initiatives to encourage sustainable behavior.

The Significance of Sustainability:

Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative for businesses aiming for long-term success. Beyond ethical considerations, sustainable practices enhance brand reputation, attract eco-conscious customers, and contribute to a healthier planet. In an era where corporate responsibility is increasingly scrutinized, sustainability is a key differentiator.

About Ecovadis:

Ecovadis is a globally recognized sustainability assessment platform that evaluates companies based on their environmental, social, and ethical performance. The assessment covers various aspects, including labor practices, human rights, environmental impact, and sustainable procurement. Achieving a bronze rating in the Ecovadis assessment is a testament to Baal Artisans’ commitment to sustainability excellence.


Q Pulse Consulting is honored to have played a pivotal role in Baal Artisans’ sustainability journey. This collaboration is not just about achieving a bronze rating; it’s a testament to our shared commitment to creating a sustainable future—one where businesses thrive while contributing positively to the world. As we celebrate this success, we look forward to continuing our journey with Baal Artisans and other visionary organizations committed to making a lasting impact through sustainable practices.


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