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        Jessie Damiane | Senior Consultant Jun 06, 2024

Stay Safe This Summer: Download Your Free Fire Safety Guide for Food Businesses from Q Pulse

Summer’s here, and food businesses of all kinds are gearing up for a busy season!

Increased activity in the kitchen, packed dining areas, and potentially higher temperatures can create a perfect storm for fire hazards.

Did you know? 

Statistics show that most fires start in kitchens, fueled by cooking equipment.

Is your food business equipped to handle a fire emergency?  While the hope is that you never need it, having a fire safety plan in place is crucial for protecting your employees, customers, and property.

This free downloadable guide provides essential fire safety measures and best practices specific to the operational needs of restaurants and food industries.

Drawing on recommendations from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Q Pulse Consulting has prepared and adapted this simplified guide that goes beyond the basics to cover everything from proper kitchen equipment maintenance to safe refilling procedures.

Download our free poster today and take a proactive step towards fire safety in your food business.

Don’t forget to contact Q Pulse Consulting to conduct a risk assessment of your business and to audit safety measures!


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