June 28 & 29 / 2 days

Advanced Food Safety

Course Objective

This course has been developed to provide participants with advanced food safety information and tools that would allow them to take on supervisory positions in food industries, catering or any organization in the food chain. It will allow the participant to become a certified food safety professional, get updated information regarding food regulations, food hazards and standards, have access to tools needed to conduct audits and inspections, learn the prerequisite programs and more food safety concepts.


Food safety knowledge and/or experience.

Course Format

The course is divided into seventeen (17) chapters. Each chapter begins with oral presentation depicting the theoretical notions followed by group or individual practical work or case studies.

At the end of training, a final exam will take place in order to provide the participant with a certificate of achievement.

Course Topics

  • Introduction to food safety
  • Types of food hazards
  • Good hygiene practices
  • Receiving of materials
  • Delivery of end products
  • Good warehousing practices
  • Inspection of returned goods
  • Cleaning & disinfection
  • Good manufacturing, preparation & serving practices
  • Safety of water
  • PRPs definition and control
  • Equipment suitability & maintenance
  • Handling non-conformities and potentially unsafe products
  • Staff training
  • Food Regulations
  • Inspection tools
  • Food safety systems - Overview
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